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Our company designs, develops and manufactures your site in one of the most popular CMS market so that each developer can comfortably read the code that we adapt and so he will be able to handle it without having to consult the "manufacturer" . So we offer you a guarantee that your site will survive without its manufacturer.

What is C.M.S.

The term Content Management Systems CMS, (Content Management Systems) refers to applications that allow customers to manage web content, such as text, images, tables, etc., in an easy way, usually similar to, the one an editor uses. Content management applications allow changing the content without necessarily having expert knowledge related to creating web pages or graphics. Apart from that there are texts that are usually written by some online WYSIWYG ( "What You See Is What You Get") html editors, similar to the MS Word, which allow the formatting of text when necessary.


How we work

In 49 Web Studio we design and construct websites based on our long experience that the website design is very important for the visitor.

For this reason :

We devote the appropriate time needed to fully understand your business spirit and needs in order to implement those mechanisms that are necessary and vitally effective for your website.

  - All our templates are custom according to your instructions, so your site is unique.

  - We work your website focusing on graphic design and usage of the visitor.

  - We discuss your ideas and consult you for the best possible result.

  - After receiving all the necessary elements for your page content, we then work systematically in order to deliver the best results within 20 to 30 days when your site is online.


The seven steps heading to websites creation

The appropriate process needed in order successful innovative and unique websites to be created includes seven basic steps:

  STEP 1
  Domain in format or .com or .info and more... (, .eu, e.t.c.)

- If the domain is already registered, then it is just transfered from the previous registrar. There is no cost during the transfer of a domain. The two-year hold of a domain has to be prepaid to the previous registrar and is still valid until the end of the domain name (2 years) At this point the creation of websites begins.

  STEP 2

  A brief interview with the client concerning the creation of the site.

The main responsibilities of our counsellors are: 

  - to record the customer's needs, to identify the significant goals that the site needs to reach and goes on with the market research so as to understand the specific nature of the industry 

 - to assemble the logo  from the customer as well as all the proper material needed, in other words the corporate identity of the company as well as the skeleton of thematic units of web pages.

 - to record possible specific demands of the customer regarding the piece of plastic arts, colors, design style so that the construction and the final result of the website to be in perfect accordance and balance with the image, the desire and the spirit of the company.

  STEP 3

  Demo construction of the Website

  -  The Graphic Department of the 49web develops the first version of the site in cooperation with thecounsellor from the Customer Support, based on the client's demands. Our aim is to reach the main target that our client has set the soonest possible, even from thebeginning of the process.

  STEP 4

  Presentation of the site-demo

  -  The customer service uploads the first online version of the website on a specific sub-domain such as The main reason for that is, the customer to be given the chance to look through the layout in terms of inspecting the colors and the whole structure of the site and finally assess the general image of the site and if he is satisfied with the design. The client should then let the Customer Service Department know if there are remarks concerning any alterations he thinks that should be made to his website.

  STEP 5

  Site Demonstration

  -  At this point the client can see his website in a really mature level and makes his final remarks for the last alterations needed, if there are any, which are followed by the appropriate corrections.


  STEP 6

  Training for the Site Management

  -  After the site construction, it is vitally important for the client to be able to manage his site on his own. It is therefore important for our clients to be able to update the content of their site and have in general the whole control over it.

  STEP 7

  S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization)

  -  Great importance should be placed on the fact that the construction of a website



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